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Privacy Policy  
Consent to the processing of personal data 
Make Room, a joint master thesis, being conducted between Copenhagen Business School and The Royal Danish Academy is a project that aims to develop an interdependent dwelling model to enable sufficient urban living with the context of the current environmental crisis.  
All user data and responses will be de-identified for the purposes of any public communication.  
I hereby consent to the processing of my data concerning me in connection with the masters degree program between Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and The Royal Danish Academy (KADK). My personal data will be used in the aforementioned Master’s thesis.  
My checking the box I give my consent for: 
·       The processing of my data in this Master’s thesis. 
·       My data to be disclosed for the scope of the Master’s thesis
projects. The students have shared responsibility for the data.
·       My data may be disclosed to Copenhagen Business School and The Royal Danish Academy and to any external co-examiner in connection with supervision and assessment. 
·       My data may be published in anonymous form in connection with the publication of the project or Master’s thesis.   
The consent may be withdrawn at any time with future effect. Consent can be withdrawn via this email address: 
Information to the data subject 
In accordance with the rules in the General Data Protection Regulation, as data controller, the student must inform the data subjects of their rights in conjunction with the processing of the data. The student registers and processes personal data under the authority of Article 6(1) a) of the General Data Protection Regulation. Sensitive data such as health data or data concerning racial or ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade-union membership is registered and processed under the authority of Article 9(2) a) of the General Data Protection Regulation. Both articles of the Regulation give access to process data with the explicit content of the data subject. 
Processing and storage 
The student will treat the personal data as confidential. The data will be stored until the assignment/project/Master’s thesis has been assessed and the deadline for complaints concerning the assessment has expired. 
Disclosure of data 
The data will not be disclosed to any other party unless consent has been given. 
Data access 
Data subjects may contact the student at any time in order to obtain a copy of the data.  
Rectification of data 
If the data subject believes that incorrect data has been registered, the student can be asked to rectify the information. This means that the student must rectify the data or make a note that the data is incorrect and register the correct data. The data subject may require the student to disregard the data until it has been determined which data is correct.
Revocation of consent and erasure of data 
If the student has obtained the consent of the data subject to process the data, the data subject may revoke this consent at any time. The student may therefore not continue to process the data after the consent has been withdrawn. 
The data subject has the right to the erasure of data which the student has registered concerning the data subject in question, if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. The data must also be erased if the data subject withdraws consent to the processing, or if the data has been processed unlawfully by mistake. The data subject may not require the erasure of data that has been archived in accordance with the Danish Archives Act in Aarhus University’s archive system. 
Complaints to the Danish Data Protection Agency 
Data subjects may lodge complaints about the processing of the data to the Danish Data Protection Agency at:
Record of the processing of processing activities 
1. Data controller: 
Andre Sanchez Montoya:  
Matthew Rees Burnett: 
Iddo Goren: 
2. Purpose of the processing of personal data 
  • User’s data will remain confidential to the research team. A combination of the user’s baseline demographic and household information with their shared activities and their willingness to share in those activities will help the design team construct a speculative design solution aim at reducing the total spatial footprint of the average city dweller while maintaining a high quality of well-being for the user. 
3. Categories of persons whose data is included in the assignment/project/Master’s thesis 
  • Residents of Applybys Plads 2-31 Copenhagen, Denmark.  
4. Categories of personal data  
  • Address, Age Range, Household Type, Household Size, Number of Children, Children’s Age Range, Household Practices, Perceptions on the Sharing Economy  
5. Categories of recipients of personal data 
  • The project will be reviewed by external supervisors and censors from both CBS and KADK  
6. Date of erasure of personal data 
  • There is no current timeline for the erasure of personal data volunteered for this research study.  
7. For secure storage, the following (or another) program will be used 
  • User data will be stored on the platform’s data collection platform Firebase and on Microsoft OneDrive.  
Your privacy and data protection are of the utmost importance to us!
All information gathering is for our thesis.

Please read through our policy:

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