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The Problem

In Denmark, housing is the most significant contributor to carbon emissions and energy consumption in the built environment. At the same time, living space per person continues to rise. So do we really need more space, more buildings, and more growth on a planet that can only provide so much?  

The Vision

We want to experiment with new ways of being interconnected with our homes and the people around us in ways that are healthy for both ourselves and the planet. We believe that the future of sustainable living is shared and that our well-being is deeply rooted in our local communities.  

So, we were driven to create a digital platform to help us reflect upon and understand our daily routines and rituals, as well our motivations and concerns with creating spaces that can support our lives best here at Applebys Plads.  

We know that living a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone, so our goal, with your participation - is to create an inclusive architectural vision of our building that accommodates our changing needs and imagines new ways of living together. We want to make room - for more community, and more life, within the limits of our planet. 

The Team

Matthew Burnett, Iddo Goren and Andre Sanchez-Montoya are your friendly neighbours, as well as passionate architects and designers of sustainable cities and communities. Together, they are completing their master’s thesis as part of the Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship program – an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Royal Danish Academy and Copenhagen Business School. 

Our research is supported by several leading experts and collaborators from the architecture, engineering and construction sector – from organisations including DTU, BUILD – Aalborg University, TU Delft, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, RambollHenning Larsen Architects, 3XN/GXN and Metabolic. 
Matthew Burnett
Iddo Goren
Andre Sanchez-Montoya
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