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A consultancy to enable sufficient living

A consultancy to enable sufficient living

Make Room


Make Room

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Denmark has one of the highest amounts of floor space per person on the planet and the highest in Northern Europe. It is forecasted that 113 million square meters of new development will be built in Denmark by 2050. But do we need that much newly built space, resources extracted, and emissions released?
Our call-to-action starts with by the clarity that we are simply living beyond our limits and we are no strangers to the fact that building industry is responsible for 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of resource consumption.

Despite efforts to reduce these impacts, expansions in floor space per person combined with population growth has continued to increase the building sector’s overall impact on the planet. While energy and embodied carbon reductions continue to be made, they are simply not enough to outpace the demand for built space.  
So, how are we to rapidly reduce these impacts while also accommodating future residents?  Everything takes us to one often overlooked factor, floor area.

Why we do it


How we do it

Make Room’s innovative methodology and technological insights open up new ways of interpretating how people live in their spaces, what their needs, wants, and motivations are. This foresight leads to designing for inclusive communities, minimalizing risks, and improving early planning decisions.  With our social and spatial insights in hand, we can work side-by-side with residents, developers, and architects in implementing tailored designs for transformational or new development projects.
Driven by research that looks beyond the status quo in sustainability, we take current practices and look at what is needed to ensure the well-being of people while moving towards models for decarbonization, aligning with policy actors and global regulatory frameworks.  

What we Do

  • Continual process consultation
  • Post-occupancy evaluations for indexing data, revealing spatial preferences for new modes  of living
  • Optimizing the value of every square meter
  • Delivering packaged insights
  • Working on-site with residents and with design teams throughout the design and transformation process
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